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History of Summit Park

Summit Park is located 13km north west of Hamilton in western Victoria on rolling Red Gum country of the Dundas Tablelands. 


Prior to the current ownership, Summit Park was known to many people for its shedded super fine Saxon Merino sheep from 1980 to 2001, then owned by John O'Sullivan.


Visitors came from far and wide to view the sheep with the coats at Summit Park which produced super fine wool that was sold to Australian and Italian markets for the fashion industry.


While the shed is no longer used to house super fine wool sheep, it still represents much of the history of the property.



Present Day

Many aspects of Summit Park have been changed in recent years since ownership has changed from the days of the fine wool shedded sheep.


With a production focus in mind, Chris and Tania have set goals to:

  • Rejuvenate the soil by undertaking a pasture renovation program

  • Increase the soil health and fertility by using a range of custom blend fertiliser and lime products.

  • Establish more efficient use of paddocks according to land classes and soil types

  • Use a laneway system for ease of stock movement and management.

  • Sub-divide larger paddocks to allow for better pasture management.

  • Protect and allow for natural regeneration of the majestic Red Gums and other native vegetation present on the property.



The shed where the fine wool sheep were kept.

Inside the fine wool shedded sheep shed.

 Summit Park


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