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Features & Selection Traits

  • High fertility   

  • Wool quality

  • High dressing percentage

  • High yielding carcase

  • Quality of meat

  • High worm resistance

Breeding Objectives

Recording accurate data is an essential part of allowing us to measure performance based traits of our stock. Performance data is used to select and breed for low birth weight, growth and muscling, and to produce high yielding lambs with high resistance to worms while maintaining structural functionality.


These key features are the drivers that result in increased profitability for clients.


All lambs are weighed and tagged at birth. The birth status (single, twin or triplet) is also recorded, as well as mothering ability (how far the ewe moves away from the lamb).


By identifying high performance ewes and using embryo transfer and artificial insemination, then matching these with complementary attributes of the best performance-recorded rams, Summit Park has achieved another big step forward in quality, structure and genetic gain.

Stock details

  • All animals are recorded on Lambplan to measure breeding performance.

  • Selection based on structure and breeding practicality.

  • All possible measurable traits are recorded for selection and can be bred for or against.

  • Gene technology is used to keep progressing our sheep in a changing market.

  • Sheep are bred to perform in the paddock under paddock conditions with minimal supplementary feeding.

  • Milking ability

  • Mothering ability

  • Easy lambing

  • Hard feet

  • Length

‘LAMBPLAN provides practical information for terminal, maternal and dual purpose sheep producers on the genetic potential of their animals. Sheep are ranked according to various production characteristics using Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBVs). ASBVs are available for growth, carcase, wool, reproduction and internal parasite (worm) resistance. ASBVs are directly comparable across flocks within a breed and across breed in the terminal sire group of breeds.’


‘LAMBPLAN provides a benchmarking system that allows breeders to track the level of improvement in the genetic make-up of their flock. LAMBPLAN provides flexibility enabling rams breeders to concentrate on the traits considered important to their breeding objective and the requirements of their clients. Commercial buyers can also use LAMBPLAN ASBVs to objectively compare rams and identify those which best suit their production system and market targets.’


Information courtesy of Lambplan website

 Summit Park


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